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Forced Submission to For-Profit Clinical Studies — The Dark New Frontier?

Just read this knock-your-socks-off article in Mother Jones from 2010: “Making a Killing,” by Carl Elliott. My own bias had me focusing on the horror of involuntary psychiatric treatment laws being used to force or coerce people into dangerous clinical…


Study of Mental Health Websites and Bias

A meta-analysis of studies of mental health websites and their biases has produced some interesting findings. Here’s a good article about it. And the abstract: A literature review and meta-analysis of drug company–funded mental health websites Read J, Cain A.…


Study on Drug Marketing in Canada Shows Doctors Misled

Researchers looked at the information pharmaceutical company reps were giving to doctors about drugs in Canada and elsewhere, and found the reps were routinely breaking the law. The study found that in nearly 60 per cent of promotional visits, sales…