Is the revered Cochrane Collaboration being corrupted by Pharma?

The Cochrane Collaboration has become one of the world’s most important sources of independent meta-analyses of drug safety and effectiveness. But a report in the April 2013 newletter of the International Society of Drug Bulletins warns of the increasing influence of the pharmaceutical industry on the Cochrane Collaboration, particularly discussing the disclosed and undisclosed conflicts of interest of many of the scientists involved in Cochrane’s HPV vaccine meta-reviews.

In 2003, industry influence on Cochrane had already led to heated debates and the introduction of some safeguards in 2006. But the rules are obviously inadequate…

…Steben and Schneider have also acted as key opinion leaders for the HPV-vaccination. Steben labelled the HPV-vaccine in the Canadian Family Physician as a ‘super vaccine’. Schneider claimed in an internet video that the vaccine is ‘free of side effects’.