British Medical Journal Joins Call for End to “Selling Sickness”

The British Medical Journal has published a good overview of the “Selling Sickness” conference and the growing movement to “clean up” the medical and psychiatric industries:

A “Call to Action on Selling Sickness” was developed by a diverse group over a period of months, uploaded on to the Selling Sickness conference website for preview, and opened for signatures from the final day of the conference. Among its list of concerns were the problems of biased science, hidden data, inflated diagnostic categories, unnecessary screening and treatment, and the widespread neglect of social factors when treating illness. Its recommendations included a call for a new movement of alliances and actions to “ensure a firewall between commercial influences and medical guidelines.” The campaign aims to bring an end to direct-to-consumer advertising of diagnostics and drugs, ensure appropriate testing of new drugs and devices, put forward reform of the patent system, and promote responsible health journalism.