Dozens of psychiatric hospitals charged with incarcerating people illegally

These are two court affidavits (one and two) I obtained recently from the Ontario Ministry of Health. They show the Ontario government suing the major U.S. health corporation Tenet/National Medical and about 25 U.S. hospitals for $175 million. It was settled out of court. The Ontario government detailed how sales representatives attended AA meetings and therapeutic support groups etc in Ontario and tricked Canadian citizens into thinking they were going to a spa-like retreat kind of treatment experience in the U.S., and then abducted and illegally incarcerated them for years in U.S. psychiatric hospitals while bilking their health insurance benefits. These are documents from the 1990s, but the scams involved so many prominent hospitals and medical and psychiatric professionals that it can only be regarded as a dire warning about how the psychiatry industry operates. And with that amount of money involved, we can only surmise how many hundreds, probably thousands of victims there must have been over the three-year period described. You can find a smidgen of news coverage from the time of this unbelievable scandal in online library archives, but here’s one article that’s been reposted.