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Big Pharma Donates 11 Times as Much to BC Liberals

An article in Metro reports some provocative numbers: Anyone wondering why the Liberal government would axe funding for B.C.’s only independent drug watchdog need only follow the money, according to a UVic pharmaceutical policy analyst. Researcher Alan Cassels ran the…


Pharma Lobbies Them, Alberta Govt Promotes Controversial Vaccine

As the Alberta government is announcing promoting questionable, controversial HPV vaccines for boys (already doing so dubiously for girls), the province’s Lobbyist Registry shows pharmaceutical giant Merck Frosst, the only manufacturer of HPV vaccine in Canada, has long been lobbying…


Study on Drug Marketing in Canada Shows Doctors Misled

Researchers looked at the information pharmaceutical company reps were giving to doctors about drugs in Canada and elsewhere, and found the reps were routinely breaking the law. The study found that in nearly 60 per cent of promotional visits, sales…