Category: Antipsychotics

Antipsychotics in Kids Skyrocketing in BC

Several articles explore dramatically rising rates of antipsychotic prescribing in BC children. Watch out for a mixed bag in terms of who’s being quoted and numbers getting muddled up and incomprehensible at times, but the overall message is clear that…


Antipsychotic Contamination Linked to Chinese Factory

While there are certainly growing problems with drug contamination around North America, this brief Canadian Press story is one of relatively few mainstream articles I’ve seen that explicitly names three companies and links them to manufacturers in China. This situation…


Health Canada Reports Children Dying from Antipsychotics

Postmedia News reports that children are dying from antipsychotic drugs which Health Canada hasn’t even approved for doctors to be prescribing to children in the first place. Once reserved for schizophrenia and mania in adults, the drugs are increasingly being…