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Meet Your Doctor’s Generous Friend

Focus magazine has published the Canadian Medical Marveller’s investigation into the activities of drug company sales representatives in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. What did we find? Seems like things may not be different in Canada as in the U.S., except…


Lab Boss Admits Bribing Doctors

A New York NBC affiliate is reporting on a case in which hundreds of doctors were booking unnecessary lab tests and both they and the lab were culling the takes: The corrupt former president of a New Jersey lab testing…


U.S. Dept of Justice Alleges Doctors Took Bribes and Kickbacks from Drug Company

ProPublica reports on a whistleblower lawsuit against doctors and the drug company Novartis. “Novartis corrupted the prescription drug dispensing process with multi-million dollar ‘incentive programs’ that targeted doctors who, in exchange for illegal kickbacks, steered patients toward its drugs,” Preet…