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Study of Mental Health Websites and Bias

A meta-analysis of studies of mental health websites and their biases has produced some interesting findings. Here’s a good article about it. And the abstract: A literature review and meta-analysis of drug company–funded mental health websites Read J, Cain A.…


Drug Researcher Says BC Liberals Fired Him to Protect Pharma Donations

Drug researcher Bill Warburton alleges in a lawsuit that he was fired along with others in a BC Health Ministry purge because the BC Liberals were trying to protect and increase donations from pharmaceutical companies heading into an election. Here’s…


Big Pharma Donates 11 Times as Much to BC Liberals

An article in Metro reports some provocative numbers: Anyone wondering why the Liberal government would axe funding for B.C.’s only independent drug watchdog need only follow the money, according to a UVic pharmaceutical policy analyst. Researcher Alan Cassels ran the…