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GlaxoSmithKline $3 Billion Settlement

At $3 billion, the July 2, 2012 settlement between the U.S. government and GlaxoSmithKline happens to be the biggest single criminal and civil liability penalty against a pharmaceutical company in history (so far). Thankfully, the agreement didn’t involve suppressing all…


Novartis Gave Millions in Kickbacks to Doctors — the affidavit

Drug company Novartis is being sued by 27 state governments, several cities and the U.S. federal government in not one but two lawsuits, according to the New York Times. The millions of dollars involved in these bribes and kickbacks to…


U.S. Dept of Justice Alleges Doctors Took Bribes and Kickbacks from Drug Company

ProPublica reports on a whistleblower lawsuit against doctors and the drug company Novartis. “Novartis corrupted the prescription drug dispensing process with multi-million dollar ‘incentive programs’ that targeted doctors who, in exchange for illegal kickbacks, steered patients toward its drugs,” Preet…