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Real Facts about Flu

A Cochrane Collaboration doctor, Tom Jefferson, has put together a simple, quick overview of some of the key facts about the flu and flu vaccines. Most of the main arguments we’ve heard in recent years are turned on their head,…


Is the revered Cochrane Collaboration being corrupted by Pharma?

The Cochrane Collaboration has become one of the world’s most important sources of independent meta-analyses of drug safety and effectiveness. But a report in the April 2013 newletter of the International Society of Drug Bulletins warns of the increasing influence…


Pharma Lobbies Them, Alberta Govt Promotes Controversial Vaccine

As the Alberta government is announcing promoting questionable, controversial HPV vaccines for boys (already doing so dubiously for girls), the province’s Lobbyist Registry shows pharmaceutical giant Merck Frosst, the only manufacturer of HPV vaccine in Canada, has long been lobbying…