I’m conducting an experiment with Google Ads, just to see if I can in fact generate any sort of income for maintaining this blog. I’m a full-time professional freelance writer, so it’ll be difficult to keep the website up for no pay at all.

At first I allowed any and all types of ads. I seemed to get mostly ads for drugs, and made no money off them — go figure! I’ve now started experimenting with blocking what I consider the ads I least like, and will see what happens. In the end, I may block virtually everything except the ads I do like — but I’m not there yet.

By the way, if you’re worried I might get corrupted by a measly ad worth a few cents or dollars, let that be a lesson to you on how much more worried we should be about medical and pyschiatric industry corruption from the billions of dollars at stake! And in the meantime send me money using the donate button below…